Natalie Charles / College Principal

A welcome from the Principal

If ever there was an imperative to exercise one’s rights and responsibilities in a proudly independent all girls’ school it is now. Leading and inspiring the next generation of women to take their place in a world that paradoxically seems to simultaneously empower and disarm them, celebrate and shame them is imminently achievable however, when we focus upon each girl’s life-long need for traditional knowledge acquisition; her future industry’s need for a range of responsive, transferable skills and society’s need for the purposeful development of a set of innately human capabilities so that she is better prepared to navigate the personal and professional complexities that await her.

At Mentone Girls’ Grammar, it is our focus of ensuring every girl feels she is known, seen and heard. It is this very sense of belonging that offers our students meaning and purpose to make independent discoveries about who they are and wish to become after their time with us. 

Early Learning Centre

Our ELC curriculum includes a unique blend of inquiry and play-based learning, based on the philosophies of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). We immerse our young learners in experiences which enable them to explore, question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate and discover new knowledge, all within a fun and supportive environment near Melbourne.

Junior School

Our IB Primary Years Program

We provide a highly developed program of intentional teaching based on the principles of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) which supports a unique blend of inquiry and play-based learning with Junior School students developing complex intellectual, emotional and social skills. They are exposed to a diverse program of inquiry and challenged in many areas from music and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), to financial and digital literacy, cultural understanding, leadership and social enterprise. They are encouraged to try new things, take-risks and be bold, tapping into their interests and passions. 

Senior School

Curriculum, Philosophy, and Campus Life

As an intimate school with an enriched history, we are fiercely inclusive where all teachers know every girl by name, we are unafraid of difference and actively prepared to take risks in order to achieve growth. Life on campus is designed to ignite a strong sense of innovation and imagination, allowing the girls to seek meaningful pathways that will eventually lead them to consolidating their own futures. We aim to empower our girls through rigorous academic curriculum and exceptional pastoral care to become ethical global citizens, and on their journey to self-discovery, develop confidence, compassion and articulation that will place them is good stead for when they embark on their next chapter.


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